Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thursday- Physical DeClutter

This week was great.....I'm getting more and more active. On one of my walks with the dog this week I decided to run part of it. I saw a stop sign way down the street and told myself I would run all the way to it without stopping. WHOA....what was I thinking? I pictured all the contestants on the Biggest Loser when they have their first eye opening workout with Jillian or Bob. I was in pain, I wanted to quit, I was thinking of every excuse in the book. Have you been watching the Biggest Loser this season? This is the season of NO EXCUSES. I'm the queen of excuses. SO, I blocked all the excuses out of my mind, did NOT keep looking at that stop sign, and just ran to my music with a smile on my face. It helped, and I made it to the stop sign. But in true Biggest Loser fashion I totally started gagging and dry-heaving. I don't think I have ran that far in 20 years. Sad huh? I texted my trainer (awesome BIL) and told him of my success and he suggested that I do that everyday for the next 3 weeks and see how I feel then? LOVE that idea. Short term goal....not too big that I can't handle a walk/run around the neighborhood everyday. So, NO EXCUSES, I'm doing it!! I'm excited to see where I will be in 3 weeks......

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