Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crazy Clutter Lady has Arrived!!!

I HATE clutter!
I absolutely CANNOT stand clutter!
It drives me CRAZY!
It makes me NEUROTIC!
Clutter gives me ANXIETY!
Nothing RUNS smoothly with Clutter!
Lives can be RUINED by Clutter!

My name is AMY and I am the
Crazy Clutter Lady!

I have an obsession with organizing and decluttering EVERYTHING! I know, it's a sickness.

So, what better way to manage my obsession (ok-sickness) than by sharing my talent and wisdom with YOU. Yes, YOU...the one with all the CLUTTER!

I have created this blog to provide you with weekly updates and tips for getting rid of your CLUTTER...not just Temporal clutter (our worldly possessions), but perhaps Mental clutter (anxiety, depression), Physical clutter (extra body weight, health problems), Spiritual clutter (sin, regret, forgiveness), and Financial clutter (DEBT, overspending). I believe that it's ALL related, a vicious cycle if you will. I feel that when I am working and focusing on Decluttering these areas in my life, things run more smoothly for me. I hope that by sharing you can find this peace and simplicity in your life too!

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