Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday- Temporal DeClutter

OK- I admit it. I LOVE to do almost ALL my Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Not just for the great prices, but for the pure energy of it all!

BUT, usually before I go out and do my Christmas shopping, I go through a NESTING period. I start to declutter the kids' bedrooms, closets, garage, etc. It's like I'm getting ready for a newborn baby to arrive. Make ROOM for Christmas. Not that the kids get TONS of presents (we have a surprisingly low budget for Christmas compared to most), I just don't like getting NEW things without getting rid of OLD things. Total Temporal DeClutter people!!!

The older kids (13 and 11 years old) are starting to catch on to my nesting "Pre-Christmas Phase" and are helping with the Decluttering. In fact, this year they sold their electronic items they received for Christmas last year (or the year before). That way they have money to either purchase the "newer/cooler" electronic item of the year or they can donate to Santa's bank account. I hate trying to keep up with the latest technology, it is TOO expensive. So, we have taught them to sell or save their own money for the newest gadget. Helps Declutter, SAVES Money and Makes a HAPPY Mommacita!!

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