Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday- Temporal DeClutter

What is the #1 chore (or pile of clutter) in your household that you HATE!! Mine is Laundry. ARGGG....(that's my pirate voice). It really can take over your life if you aren't consistent huh? Growing up, my mom did laundry on Tues/Thurs/Sat (and she had 7 kids). I feel like I do laundry EVERY DAY. Why? Why can't I have a consistent schedule like her. What is the problem here?

This week I decided to work on my closet clutter and laundry clutter. It really can PILE up with 6 people in the house. I must admit, I am not a consistent laundry person...I just do it when I absolutely need to or when I walk past the washer or dryer in the basement. But, this week it was starting to take over the master bedroom and I could hardly see my carpet. I know, I know....how could I have allowed that to happen? I hate clutter. Well, I am not perfect...I am a mom who works part time and runs my 4 crazy kids around to all their "things". It just isn't reality to keep up with all that laundry.

As I was sorting and putting everything away, I noticed that my girls (8 year old twins) had SO MANY clothes. No wonder my laundry is out of control. No wonder I don't have to do laundry as consistently as others. They can go weeks without looking for new clothes to wear (lots of hand-me-downs from 13 year old sister). WOW...time to declutter and condense. I brought the girls in and had them choose their 14 favorite shirts and 14 pants. Of course I let them keep their underwear and socks. The rest actually ended up being older clothes that are getting too small and are looking worn anyways....SO, I will donate them. Phew....mission accomplished. Now my laundry piles should be less and I may be able to get on a consistent schedule. Maybe Tues/Thurs/Sat like my mom.

If I could only get my husband to jump on the bandwagon and declutter his side of the closet. WHY does he need all those clothes? 75% of them he hasn't worn in YEARS....what's the point of all that clutter? It drives me CRAZY. I do admit, I have a LOT too. BUT, I am willing to go through them and donate or sell to a consignment shop the ones that I have not worn in YEARS. I'm gonna do that this weekend. Not him, he won't budge!! What do you guys think? How many clothes should you have in your closet? How long is long enough to hang on to them? For me it's all about simplicity and the basics. I'd love to hear your thoughts and laundry tips!

Maybe I will post before and after pictures of my side of the closet, if I'm brave enough to let you see!! OR, maybe I will just post a picture of HIS side of the closet and you guys can all comment on how insane it is to have all those clothes...hint hint!!!

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