Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday- Temporal DeClutter

Over the course of this week let’s get rid of 100 things. I did this over the weekend and it felt SO GOOD to get rid of "JUNK"
Join in.  Grab a garbage bag and make a donation box and hit the house hard.  Don’t mull over this or that, just grab the random useless items that have become a permanent fixture in your house.
Toss things out like old magazines, summer clothes that you never wore, fall clothes you still won’t fit in this year, kitchen gadgets that waste space, random keys & dead batteries from the junk drawer.  Liberate yourself from that ugly candle your mother gave you that you are never going to burn.  Give away that quilt your mother-in-law gave you guilt free to someone who needs it.
Don’t forget to include the kids in this adventure.
Toss things out like that truck with only three wheels, that McDonald’s Happy Meal toy (how do those things find their way in our homes anyhow?), that old National Geographic Kids magazine, and that half ripped art project. Donate things like Baby Einstein videos and any other infant toys your seven year old swears they still play with!  Consider anything that has dust on it from inactivity.
Still not sold on the idea?  Take a lesson on life from a five year old.  Read this insightful article from the blog Organizing Our Way.
In the end a simple home environment allows your child more room for mental growth and creativity. 

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