Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday- Financial DeClutter

Hubby and I used to go on frequent dates every Friday night. It was a good time to catch up with happenings with the kids, things at work for him, mood swings for me, and a budget session. YEP, that's right. I would bring my notebook and we would go over the BUDGET for the week or month over dinner. I'm a planner and list maker, so it was always nice to unload a little of my pile onto hubby. We have both been so busy lately, with his working Overtime and the Kids' Schedules, that we haven't been able to do these Friday night DATES.

With Christmas coming up, we decided it was time to start "dating" again. We NEEDED to get some shopping done and I needed to unload some of my lists. They were starting to pile up. Plus, the budget needed some tweaking to allow for Christmas. I think it is very healthy to budget together. It's important that we are both on the same page and know what is coming in and out of the budget at all times. I LOVE being able to bounce ideas and feelings off each other. Even if it is about the Budget. I think we are stronger financially because of it!!

What do you do on your dates? Do you budget as a couple?

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