Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday- Physical DeClutter

Want to lose weight in 2012 and keep it off? (I know, stupid question), then there is only one way to make that happen. Consume only as many calories as you need to sustain your activity level. Otherwise you need to burn, baby, burn. Each calorie you burn is a measurement of energy. Your body converts food into energy by combining calories from proteins, carbohydrates, and fats with oxygen.

If you burn more calories than you eat you will lose weight, if you eat more calories than you burn, well, yeah, your going to build up your love handles instead of your biceps. On average, people need to consume 2000 calories a day: 60 percent of those calories provides energy for your body’s daily operations, which include breathing, chewing, digesting food, and circulating blood.

Another 30 percent of your daily calorie intake is expended through activities such as household chores, sports, and just being active. Now, it is interesting to note that the more muscle tissue you have the more calories you burn even when you are resting. In fact for each additional pound of muscle approximately 50 extra calories are burned daily. Not bad, eh? But first you have to develop some muscles, which you can do in a number of ways such as, lifting free weights at the gym, or your ample derriere in yoga class.

According to Dr. Robert Gerszten of Massachusetts General Hospital, “Ten minutes of exercise has at least an hour of effects on your body.” So, if even short amounts of exercise can be good for you, then what are you waiting for? Fit these calorie burners into your day and watch your body change.

1. First thing in the morning, take a quick walk with your dog, your spouse or a friend. When watching Cesar Milan whisper sage advice he consistently mentions that most of the dogs he trains have behavioral issues because they do not get enough exercise. I tend to think it is the same problem with humans and walking can be a simple solution. If it is difficult to walk in your neighborhood, then lace up your walking shoes and walk as fast as you can around your local Mall. Just remember to keep moving and leave your credit card at home.

2. Confronted with an escalator or stairs take the stairs every time. If your office is up more flights than you think you can do, build up your stamina by adding a flight every few days; you can always take the elevator the rest of the way. Stair climbing is great exercise for your legs and sagging buttocks, not to mention strengthening the heart and increasing oxygen to the lungs.

3. Park your car as far away as you can walk in your chic summer sandals and hike it across the parking lot. If it is a hot day you will just move faster to get into the air conditioning.

4. Remember how much fun it was to ride your bicycle around the neighborhood as a kid, well it is still a lot of fun and great exercise. No need to buy a fancy racing model when a used upright with a basket for groceries will do just fine.

5. Break up watching television or working on the computer with work in the garden and household chores. Shake off the sluggish feelings from sitting and watching and get up and do something, even if it is loading the dishwasher or folding your laundry or yelling at your kids to get away from the television and go outside to play. Come to think of it, go outside and play with them.

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Other great Calorie Burning Activities include:

Raking leaves = 147 calories
Gardening or weeding = 153 calories
Moving (packing and unpacking) = 191 calories
Vacuuming = 119 calories
Cleaning the house = 102 calories
Playing with the kids (moderate activity level) = 136 calories
Mowing the lawn = 205 calories
Strolling = 103 calories
Sitting and watching TV = 40 calories
Biking to work (on a flat surface) = 220 calories

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