Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tuesday- Temporal DeClutter

I'm sorry I missed you last Thursday and Friday for my Physical DeClutter and Financial DeClutter Days. With the kids out of school and all of the FUN holiday/family parties, I was just having TOO much fun!

Quick update on my Physical DeClutter.....I am down 6 lbs!!! WooHoo! Feels Great! Only thing I have really been doing different is MOVING! Yep, plain and simple, getting off the couch and moving. Imagine if I start to really exercise and eat better...OH the possibilities.

So, here is my advice for your Temporal DeClutter this Tuesday after Christmas.....Time to DeClutter those Holiday Decorations. Here are some questions to ponder while putting ALL those decorations away:

1. Do I really like these things?
2. Do I use them/have the space for them?
3. Is it really a useful/necessary thing?
4. Do I already have the exact same thing?
5. Do I have something better?
6. Do I need two or three similar things?
7. Do I love this thing because of emotional memories it brings?
8. Does it make me feel guilty when I see it?
9. Do I feel frustrated that these useless things are still in my home?
10. Do I smile looking at them?

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