Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thursday- Physical DeClutter

Well, this weeks physical Thursday went way better than last weeks. Remember I told you about my BIL and how he asked why I couldn't exercise everyday instead of just Thursdays?? Well, he emailed me this week with a plan (I think he reads my blog). He basically built a plan for me to lose 50 lbs by May. birthday month. No better time! So if I follow his plan I WILL BE 50 lbs lighter by May and ready for my family trip to Hawaii in June!! With a little encouragement from BIL and his consistent follow up (keeps me accountable), I think I can do this. Thanks BIL, Jeffrey, You Are The BEST!!!

I amazed myself and my husband when I woke up Wednesday morning and went straight to the gym for a Fitness/ Aerobics class. Boy have I been sore for the past 3 days. Then Thursday and Friday I took a break/recovery time from the gym and walked/jogged around the neighborhood instead. I love putting my headphones on and dancing down the streets. Don't worry, I go at night so no one can see my awesome dance moves.....HAHA!!! But already, just in the past 3 days, my body feels tighter, I have more energy and my mood may even be a little bit brighter. It's amazing what a "little" exercise can do for your body and health.

P.S. I weighed in on Wednesday for the first time in years. AHHHHHH!!! It was a little shocking. I will weigh in every Wednesday and let you know how much I have lost on Thursday. More Accountability. Yikes!

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