Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday- Physical DeClutter

I am not a runner. I HATE running. I have never had the desire to run EVER!! My preferred exercise would be swimming, biking or dancing. That's if I would exercise. I really don't like to exercise either. I'm a lazy bum. And, it's getting worse the older I get.

Every year I convince myself that I'm going to lose weight and look good in a bathing suit by summer.....and it never happens. This year, I am saying it again. Hubby and I have a trip planned to the Dominican Republic in May for my 39th bday and our 15th wedding Anniversary celebration. I WANT to look and FEEL good. I NEED to do it.

I found something that has me actually looking forward to exercising and even RUNNING. Maybe I will actually accomplish my weight loss goals this year. I'm gonna do this run in I need to get training for it now. I am so excited for this......LOOK HOW FUN!!!

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