Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tuesday- Temporal DeClutter

Do your kids have too many toys? Especially after Christmas...are you finding that they have so many they don't play with any? Too many toys (choices) can be very overwhelming for children. They become so frustrated with having to choose that they end up just throwing them all on the floor. Does that happen in your house?

I taught preschool for many years and found that using a toy rotating system worked really well for the little ones. They became more excited when a certain toy was introduced each day.

All you need to do to organize your toys is to separate them into categories. For example, Legos, puzzles, dolls/barbies, cars, coloring/art, etc. Each category should fit in one storage bin (you pick the size). If your bin is overflowing, time to consolidate and get rid of some. I promise, your kids will never know.

After you are done consolidating and organizing the toys into categories you are ready to start the toy rotating system. Each day, only pull out 2 bins of toys. I believe if you give them more than 2 choices they will start to get overwhelmed and frustrated. AND, the fighting will begin. So, Monday you can get out the legos and art. Then Tuesday, try the puzzles and dolls. You choose. But only 2! The kids will enjoy this system and their TOYS more. Guaranteed!

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